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Garden Soiree

Drift back in time to the Victoria era when posh ladies wore long dresses, white gloves, and wide-brimmed hats. Gracefully sipping tea and strolling through the gardens...sounds idyllic.

As a flower farmer I know first hand that that is not a reality of today! However, occasionally I like to "clean up" and walk the garden in the late afternoon into the early evening and just observe. There is much activity buzzing all around. Then when the sun begins to set, it gets quiet, the light is softer, and the garden colors suddenly change...known as the golden hour. It's the perfect time to photograph. In that moment I desire to share this experience with others and thus the idea to host an evening Garden Soiree was born. 

Much like my flowers, that thought grew into a teaching opportunity. 

Join me in the garden as I walk alongside you coaching on proper techniques of harvesting. The design studio, lovingly referred to as the Carriage House will be open so I can teach you how to arrange your choice blooms into a beautiful creation. 

Afterward, enjoy botanically inspired refreshments. Sit under the Dawnwood tree or stroll through the wooded trails. My hope is that you will leave feeling inspired and refreshed.

This evening is all about YOU and a little self-care. Kick-off your shoes and frolic barefoot through the grass. Let your hair down, unwind from the busyness of the week, and replenish your soul surrounded by nature. 

Soiree Dates

~ 2023 Season ~

Hosting private events only this year. Groups of 6 or more contact us to schedule.

Scroll down to our "Order Here!" interactive box to chat about your event!

Event Details

All supplies will be provided


Cost is $75 per class, attendance is limited


Sign-up at the "Order Here!" box


Mother Nature is unpredictable, in cases of inclement weather events will be rescheduled for the following evening, weather permitting. 


Let's plan your next private event!

Customer Love Note 
"Ringing endorsement for My Sage In Bloom. My girls and I joined Stacey, owner and grower and sweetest person ever, last evening for a garden soiree. It was a beautiful evening and we had so much fun being together and learning to create these beauties. Highly recommended." ~ Michaelle

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