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In my boutique cutting garden, I weather the heat, rain, and even the snow, enriching the earth to plant seeds and grow charming posies.



I've taken the skills generously taught by others and added my own individual style to create unique designs.



Join me in the garden for a delightful soiree. Let's spend the evening together cultivating your floral creatives.

My Story

Hello, I'm Stacey, owner of My Sage In Bloom. My desire to observe nature and watch it grow started at a very early age with my first bit of earth. A humble tulip patch is where it all began. Since then, I have found elevated joy in having my hands in the dirt, nurturing life and watching it thrive. Those desires, and years in the horticulture world, has given me the tools to create a seasonal cutting garden used for floral design work. 


From that cherished childhood garden in southern Maryland to my present day 5 acre homestead in northern Carroll County it is my delight to offer naturally grown old-fashioned flowers. 

    Stacey Doran

My Inspiration

Those are treasured memories. Sadly, she passed away from an aggressive cancer at the age of 19. It is in her memory that I named My Sage In Bloom.

I had the absolute pleasure to raise my four daughters in the country amongst the rolling hills and farm land. We spent vast amounts of time playing outside, exploring the countryside, and working the land. They each grew to appreciate nature around them in different ways. Martina Sage would often join me in the gardens just to chat while I was busy with daily chores. 

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